Rich Magram | Bio
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Rich Magram


Rich has been in love with the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist painters since he was a young boy. He first opened his mother’s book of Van Gogh paintings and wondered at the clouds and cypress trees represented there. His mom had prints of Degas and Utrillo hanging on the walls of their house, and they made their presence known to him.


Rich is a lawyer by training and early experience. After working in real estate for a time, he decided to paint seriously seven years ago, inspired by the mystery of the California landscape. Rich has always been in love with nature. Since a young age, he has found himself lost at times in the magic of the wild places, and beauty wherever he has found it


Largely self-taught, Rich has taken painting and drawing lessons at the Los Angeles City’s Barnsdall Art Park. Virtually all of his work is painted with oil on canvas en plein air.